MB 86

Window and door system with very good parameters, giving the opportunity to meet various users’ needs. The structure of its cross-section comes in 3 variants, depending on the requirements of thermal efficiency: ST, SI and AERO.

MB-86 is the world's first aluminum window and door system with the implementation of aerogel – an innovative material with excellent thermal insulation properties. Another advantage of MB-86 system is high durability of its profiles, enabling the construction of structures of very large size and weight.

There is also a variant of this system with sash hidden behind the frame - MB-86US. Our offer for aluminum constructions include all RAL and ATEC colours as well as wood-like coatings.

MB 76 HS

Lift and slide doors are an ideal proposition as an interconnection between rooms or winter gardens and external environment, providing a convenient exit to the balcony, terrace or open garden space. They allow you to stay in touch with the external environment. When opened, they do not take up precious space inside the room, which additionally increases the comfort of their use.

The MB-76HS is surely one of the products with the best parameters on the market. It has two variants which differ by their thermal insulation properties: ST and HI. The construction of MB-76HS profiles allows you to design exclusive doors of big size, filled with double or triple glazing unit. Technology and materials used for this product make it possible to achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic protection.

Thanks to its properties, this system is perfect both in single-family buildings and in comfortable apartments or hotels.

MB 45D

The MB-45D system is designed mainly for partition walls with smokeproof single or double doors in the Sm and Sa class according to PN-EN 13501-2.

Its construction is based on the MB-45 system for internal partitions. The success of the smoke-tight function of the door is mainly conditioned by the proper selection of perimeter seals of the sashes and embedding of glazing and other fillings in the sash profile as well as the solution used for threshold seals.

The MB-45D doors are certified by the Technical Approval ITB No. AT-15-5163 / 2009.


The MB-78HI system is used to make internal or external fireproof barriers with single or double doors with fire resistance certificate for class EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60 or EI90, according to PN-EN 13501-2: 2010.

The construction of the MB-78EI system is based on thermally insulated aluminum profiles of 78mm depth. High temperature resistance is ensured by special fire-resistant inserts of GKF or CI introduced into the internal chambers of the profiles and into the insulation space between. All additional accessories and connector are made of steel. Due to its properties, optimal cost or compatibility with other window and door systems from ALUPROF, it is a very popular product in its class and is widely used on the construction market.

The doors of the MB-78HI system can be mounted individually, within larger glazed structures or partitions, as well as in the facades of fire-resistant systems: MB-SR50EI or MB-SR50N EI. This type of construction, with single and double doors, have been successfully tested in a notified laboratory, obtaining fire resistance classes: EI30 and EI60.

Aluprof S.A is one of the leading European distributors of aluminum systems for the construction industry.
These systems allow for construction of many different types of windows and doors depending on the scope of application and detailed requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, burglary resistance, smoke tightness or fire resistance.
We encourage you to get familiar with our offer - you will get to know aluminum windows with all the advantages of Aluprof aluminum profiles.

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