STAR is a window and door system with a three-chamber structure. The most distinctive feature of this system is its thermal insulation coefficient. Thanks to the use of new generation insulation inserts, the Uf coefficient can reach the value as good as 0.6 W/m²K. This result is further improved by the use of a 45 mm wide thermal break made of innovative, low-conducting materials. The structural depth of profile is 90 mm for the frame and 99 mm for the sash. Possible glazing unit thicknesses start from 17 mm and end up on 82 mm.

The novelty applied in this system are surely roller hinges of great load bearing capacity. Increased depth of glazing unit in sash installation significantly improves window’s thermal properties and rigidity. Having introduced an innovative water drainage system (there are no visible holes or plugs of water drainage canal) we obtained very modern and smoothly finished design.

System characteristics:
  • 3-chamber system.
  • Heat transfer coefficient (Uf) in the range between 1,23 and 0,6 W/m²K.
  • Thermal break of 45 mm width made of innovative, low conducting materials.
  • Profile building depth: 90 mm – frame, 99 mm – sash.
  • Possibility to use roller hinges with very high load bearing capacity.
  • Increased depth of glazing unit in sash installation significantly improves window’s thermal properties and rigidity.
  • Innovative water drainage system (no visible holes or plugs of water drainage canal).
  • Additional isolation material inserted in both frame and sash profiles.
  • Installing glazing units in the frame is possible also from outside.
  • Technical solutions used in Star system make it possible to design and produce constructions that not only have the thermal efficiency of Star system but also functionalities of other systems, like: Luxus (renovation fin), Steel Look (raw steel imitation) or Vision (sash hidden behind the frame).


SUPERIAL is a system with increased thermal insulation. Thanks to three-chamber thermal breaks, chamber central gasket and special glazing gaskets, the system achieves Uf >1,4 W/m²K (material group 1.0 according to DIN 4108).
The depth of window frames and profiles for fixed glazings is 75mm, while the depth of window sash is 84mm.

SUPERIAL system is based on accessories (corners, T-connectors) as well as glazing beads and fittings also used in other thermally insulated systems.
It achieves very good acoustic properties.
Możliwość stosowania wypełnień o grubościach 14-61mm.

  • Any kind of window or fixed window.
  • Tilt and turn windows, turn windows, tilt windows, tilt and slide windows.
  • Inward opening doors, based on modified window sash.


IMPERIAL is a three-chamber system dedicated for the construction of external doors, windows and also big shop windows. The 24 mm thermal break applied in the central part of the profile, made of polyamide enriched with multi-direction-oriented fiberglass, significantly improves the mechanical strength of the outer and inner chambers of the profile. The thermal break is additionally equipped with a Coex sealing line, which, during the burning process of powder-coated profiles, creates a reliable vapor barrier and perfect sealing.

IMPERIAL door profiles’ heat transfer coefficient Uf starts at 1,57 W/m²K, which classifies them in material group 2.1 according to DIN 4108. Thanks to the following parameters: large profile width - 65 mm for frames and 74 mm for sashes, and wall thickness of 1.7 ÷ 2.0 mm, a rigid, stiff profile was created. Imperial allows for doors with maximum sash size: 1300 mm wide and 2200 mm high or 1200 mm wide and 2400 mm high. The fixing system allows fillings (glazing units, panels) from 4 to 51 mm (it is possible to glaze constructions from the outside), the use of brand fittings and a wide range of threshold solutions make this system very modern and versatile.

There are couple of different profiles for the sash and frame construction in Imperial system. Depending on the size of the construction profiles of different thicknesses are used to ensure best performance of the complete product.

  • Windows and shop windows with single-pane glass or glazing units.
  • Tilt and turn windows, turn windows, tilt windows, tilt and slide windows/doors.
  • Outside and inside opening doors, single or double (french doors), with transoms and sidelights.
  • Swinging and sliding doors.
  • Pivot windows with vertical or horizontal axis of rotation.


ECONOLINE is a system without thermal insulation, designed to construct internal partitions, both fixed and with windows and doors. The profiles’ width of 51 mm (6 mm more than the standard widespread on the market) gives a lot of freedom for designers and comfort for contractors.

The system allows for the use of various glazing units - from 3 mm to 38 mm thick. Glazing units are fixed and sealed in sashes using glazing beads that consist of aluminum profiles and gaskets. The Econoline system is compatible with other Aliplast systems: common glazing beads, gaskets, corners and fittings. In the Econoline system, there is a version of door profiles with a specially profiled euro-canal for fittings used to fix hidden hinges. A kind of complement to Econoline is the INNERWALL subsystem, which is ideal for creating office compartments. There is a possibility to use internal blinds here.

  • Doors and segments of partition walls are intended for general use inside public and industrial buildings (in offices).
  • It is possible to integrate ECONOLINE doors with partition walls made of ECONOLINE segments or into any other walls, in accordance with the technical design of the building.
  • Possibility of constructing sliding or swinging doors, joining walls at any angle and strengthening already manufactured and even installed elements.


Aliplast Ultraglide is a lift and slide system with increased thermal insulation adapted to the construction of modern, large glazings. The Ultraglide system allows for 6 mm to 49mm thick fillings. Thanks to its parameters and specially designed frame and threshold construction, the Ultraglide system, apart from standard solutions, can be used for structures with two or even three independently sliding sashes.


VISOGLIDE - a system of thermally insulated sliding doors. All profiles of this system have a three-chamber construction. Possible combinations of two, three, four and six sashes based on a two- or three-rail frame.

Visoglide subsystem - a variant of sliding door system that has the option of using lift and slide fittings. The height of the wing is selected in such a way, that the mechanism of the increasingly popular lift and slide hardware fits inside.


Thermally insulated sliding door system with three-chamber frame profile and one-chamber sash profile (outer and inner flat parts are joined with a thermal break). The frames come in two versions: with extruded sliding track or with a separate profile, on which the supportive trolleys slide, fixed to the lower part of each sash.

Vertical sash profiles come with a profiled handrail fixed along the whole height of the sash. The installation of the glazing unit takes place at the stage of assembling the sash, in the notches of the C-shaped sashes without glass strips, with the gasket surrounding the inserted unit. Glazing unit thicknesses are in the range of 6 - 9 mm and 20 - 24 mm. The sashes’ corners are screwed together, the frames can be also screwed or pressed. Due to its properties and light construction SLIDE PLUS is very popular in the west and south of Europe.

  • sliding doors, 2-, 3-, 4- or 6-elements


PANORAMA - a system designed for folding doors construction. It is a three-chamber system with thermal barrier for better insulation. There is a possibility to use from 2 to 6 movable sashes, stacking up on both sides or entirely on one side only.

NOVELTY: no floating mullions - the sashes are connected with each other by dedicated fittings; the applied solution grants a lighter, more modern look to a whole construction and allows you to obtain a bigger, clear opening.


SURFACE DOOR - panel doors, where the sash is flush with the frame, were designed for the most demanding users. Due to high-end technical solutions, they can be not only a functional and long-lasting entrance to your home, but also its showcase and decoration.

Modernity, style and perfect look for long years. Panels for doors are available in many different patterns and colors. Panel doors are characterized by both elegant appearance and great technical parameters. Furthermore, the maximal allowed dimensions of this product gives the possibility to install these doors as a part of a larger glazed area and hence, a lot of freedom while designing the entrance to the building.

It’s a perfect solution for people who consider their house more, than just a place to live.


Light curtain wall system. The MC WALL curtain wall consists of vertical mullions and horizontal transoms joined together by stainless steel bolts, which provide a very high load bearing capacity for the mullion-transom connection, both in the plane of wind pressure and in the window weight load plane. This does not interfere with the possibility of using traditional bolt brackets, or fixing them only with screws from the front.

After installation, the curtain wall can be finished from the outside with various types of decorative-masking strips - with rounded edges, so called "soft line", or traditional rectangular ones.


ECOFUTURAL - is a three-chamber system of aluminum profiles with a thermal break which is used especially when higher standards of thermal and sound insulation are required. This system consists of two cylindrical half-shells separated by two strips made of polyamide PA 6.6.25 reinforced with fiberglass that serve as a thermal break.

Possible thickness range of glazing unit/panel: fixed frame – from 4 to 51 mm, frame thickness - 65 mm, sash thickness - 74 mm.

APPLICATION: - all kinds of shop windows, windows, doors, single-casement or double-casement windows, tilt and turn windows - windows opening inwards, single or double doors (french doors).

The Aliplast company was established in 2002 by the Belgian Aliplast concern, which has been involved in the production of aluminum systems since 1984. The Aliplast trademark is successfully gaining more and more of customers' trust and the product becomes well known in Poland and on the western markets. Using the latest solutions in production, Aliplast aluminum systems achieve the level of quality equal to the best companies in the industry.
We encourage you to study our offer first, but the best way to learn about advantages of Aliplast aluminum windows is by buying and using them.

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