ECONOLINE is a system without thermal insulation, designed to construct internal partitions, both fixed and with windows and doors. The profiles’ width of 51 mm (6 mm more than the standard widespread on the market) gives a lot of freedom for designers and comfort for contractors.

The system allows for the use of various glazing units - from 3 mm to 38 mm thick. Glazing units are fixed and sealed in sashes using glazing beads that consist of aluminum profiles and gaskets. The Econoline system is compatible with other Aliplast systems: common glazing beads, gaskets, corners and fittings. In the Econoline system, there is a version of door profiles with a specially profiled euro-canal for fittings used to fix hidden hinges. A kind of complement to Econoline is the INNERWALL subsystem, which is ideal for creating office compartments. There is a possibility to use internal blinds here.

  • Doors and segments of partition walls are intended for general use inside public and industrial buildings (in offices).
  • It is possible to integrate ECONOLINE doors with partition walls made of ECONOLINE segments or into any other walls, in accordance with the technical design of the building.
  • Possibility of constructing sliding or swinging doors, joining walls at any angle and strengthening already manufactured and even installed elements.

The Aliplast company was established in 2002 by the Belgian Aliplast concern, which has been involved in the production of aluminum systems since 1984. The Aliplast trademark is successfully gaining more and more of customers' trust and the product becomes well known in Poland and on the western markets. Using the latest solutions in production, Aliplast aluminum systems achieve the level of quality equal to the best companies in the industry.
We encourage you to study our offer first, but the best way to learn about advantages of Aliplast aluminum windows is by buying and using them.

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