Air inlets

An important element responsible for the comfort of living is proper ventilation. Lack of fresh air inflow causes harmful substances to accumulate in the breathed-out air. As a result mould can occur due to too high air humidity. You can solve this problem, without exposing yourself to noise, pollen or cold air that can get inside while airing your apartment or house. Simple and cheap AIR INLET installed on your window will take care of airing your home while you can take care of yourself.

ABM offers air inlets of two different brands AERECO and VENTAIR.

Pressure air inlets driven by pressure difference are used to constantly supply proper amount of fresh air to the rooms. Automatic pressure control stabilizes the airflow efficiency, protects against excessive air exchange in cold and windy periods, allows to implement the concept of controlled ventilation ensuring comfort and healthy indoor climate while saving thermal energy.

They can be used in rooms with gravitational or mechanical ventilation.
 Humidity sensitive air inlets are used to supply rooms with fresh air in a controlled manner, depending on users’ needs. They are equipped with a hygrometer that controls the air stream depending on the humidity level in the room.

They operate automatically and implement the idea of energy-efficient, humidity-controlled ventilation. They provide fresh air and, additionally, control the level of humidity in the room.

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