Glass and insulated glazing units


The insulated glazing unit offered by ABM Jędraszek a set consisting of at least two panes separated by a spacer over its whole circumference. Glass panes are connected to each other using different edge sealing processes. Hermetically sealed, between the glass panes, there is a moisture absorbing material and between them – argon or krypton.

This technology helps you save thermal energy, maintain optimal room temperature and is characterized by high light transmittance and reduction of UV transmission. Our offer including insulated glazing units ensures: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, sun protection and safety.

Our windows, as a standard, that of course can be swapped, are equipped with 4/16/4 glass (U = 1.1 W / m²K) EFECTLINE, PERFECTLINE, S-LINE and SWINGLINE profiles. For APLHALINE, SOFTLINE 76 or SOFTLINE 82 it usually is 4/12/4/12/4 (U = 0.7 W / m²K) glazing unit.


The ABM Jędraszek company offer different types of darkened (solar) glazing units, which, based on the kind of used glass, can divided into two main groups – absorptive glazing units (antisol), and reflective glazing units (reflex / stopsol).

Absorptive glass - absorbs some of the solar energy and thus protects rooms from overheating and furniture from fading. It is made of float glass, which is dyed in mass. The amount of the solar radiation that gets absorbed can be regulated by the color and thickness of the glass pane.

Reflective glass - made of float glass dyed in mass and additionally coated with a layer of metal oxides or noble metals, which act like a mirror - reflecting part of the solar radiation and thus prevents overheating in the summer.


Among other glazing units, we also can offer those with increased durability – so called safety glass:

Class O2 safety glass which contains of two 3 mm panes glued together by 0,4 mm transparent foil. In case of strong impact, the glass will crack, but will stay in its place and won’t fall into sharp pieces that could harm someone.


Class P2 they not only protect you from being cut by the broken glass, but also provide increased resistance to breaking-in attempts – for example, hitting with a hammer. P2 glass is made of two 4 mm glass panes glued together by two layers of PVB foil, 0,4 mm each.

Class P4 these glazing units are designed to withstand the impact made by dropping a 4,11 kg steel ball from the height of 9 m. This type of glass is made of two 4 mm glass panes glued together by four layers of PVB foil, 0,4 mm each.


Sound-absorbing glass is a kind of glass that reduces the noise level, perceived inside the house, thus improving the comfort of staying inside, especially when the building is in a place particularly exposed to noise – next to a busy road or close to railroad tracks. We offer sound-absorbing glazing units with soundproofness up to 51 dB.


Ornamental glass is a perfect solution for someone who wants to light up the room, maintaining their privacy at the same time. It will let the light in, but will prevent any undesirable person to look inside.

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